vintage photos : ART   black & white  collections
rudolf noureev Andy-WARHOL-and-Elisabeth-TAYLOR Auriscote-Sculpteur Statues-in-Rome-roma Sculptures-exhibition Concept-exhibition-Indance-Entrances
Rudolf NOUREEV playing mandolin / Andy WARHOL and Elisabeth TAYLOR  /  AURISCOTE Emmanuel : the maternity.  /  Statues in Rome.  /  Sculptures exhibition. /  Concept exhibition : Indance/Entrances.
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vintage photos : CURIOSITY   black & white  collections
Mel-Brooks Wall-detail Huge-chess people In-front-of-the-crucifix Sumos-Wakanohana-and-Wakachichibu Ladders
MEL BROOKS in « High anxiety »  /  Wall detail  /  Huge chess  /  In front of the crucifix, party in Brittany  /  Sumos Wakanohana and Wakachichibu  /  Ladders.
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vintage photos : FASHION   black & white  collections
Fence fur Dress presentation French fashion haircut Two furs 60’s or 70’s fashion woman top model on stairs
Fence fur  /  Dress presentation  /  French fashion haircut  /  Two furs  /  60’s or 70’s fashion  / woman top model on Stairs
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vintage photos : MOUNTAINS   black & white  collections
Around SALLANCHES Monte Pilatus, Swisc Alps Mountaineering Mountaineering mountain At the spring la-mer-de-glace-french-alps
Around SALLANCHES  /  Monte Pilatus, Swisc Alps  /  Mountaineering  /  Mountaineering  /  At the spring / « La mer de glace, french alps ”
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vintage photos : NORMANDY   black & white  collections
Sail boat out of LE HAVRE harbour MONT-SAINT-MICHEL’s east side DIEPPE’s sea front Petit Couronne, Oil factory burning Le Marquis de Tombelaine at Mont-Saint-Michel GRANVILLE, english trench
Sail boat out of LE HAVRE harbour  /  MONT-SAINT-MICHEL’s east side  /  DIEPPE’s sea front  /  Petit Couronne, Oil factory burning  /  Le Marquis de Tombelaine at Mont-Saint-Michel  /  GRANVILLE, english trench
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vintage photos : NUDES   black & white  collections
Africans nudes Two friends naked BELORGEY, nude photographer Carina Roma Patrick DEWAERE naked Muriel naked danser
Africans nudes  /  Two friends naked - nude models   /  BELORGEY, nude photographer  /  Carina Roma  /  Patrick DEWAERE naked  /  Muriel naked danser
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vintage photos : PHOTOGRAPHS   black & white  collections
Jean SCHNELL Pierre TOUTAIN Inside of factory in USSR. : DOISNEAU robert Sarah BERNHARDT : TOURTIN Graciela, Vocalist : SALAS Osvaldo Nazareth : BERGHEM P
Facade : Jean SCHNELL.  /  Ballerina : Pierre TOUTAIN  /  Inside of factory in USSR. : DOISNEAU  /  Sarah BERNHARDT : TOURTIN  /  Graciela, Vocalist : SALAS Osvaldo  /  Nazareth : BERGHEM P
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vintage photos : NIGHT SIGHTS   black & white  collections
Night in U.S.A Presidency’s party Mantes la Jolie CUBA’s night CUBA’s national library Road at night
Night in U.S.A  /  Presidency’s party  /  Mantes la Jolie  /  CUBA’s night : capitol - La Habana   /  CUBA’s national library  /  Road at night
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